In 2004, Ron Hartenbaum founded WYD Media Management, LLC, which now distributes over 100 hours of programming per week on radio and TV, spanning a wide range of viewpoints. WYD Media Management represents some of today’s most popular talk talent, covering topics ranging from political and world news, to business and entertainment, to music and content for today’s millennials – all designed to enlighten, educate, and entertain. Our programming reaches millions on-air, on both satellite and terrestrial radio, as well as digital distribution on a variety of platforms, including www.spreaker.com. Our programs can also be seen daily in millions of homes around the country via Free Speech TV, delivering an added component to establish your brand with your target audience. WYD Media Management – connecting with your target audience.


Ron’s background as an innovator in national talk radio is widely recognized. Beginning in the ad agency business with major houses Needham and Grey, Ron moved on to broadcast as VP of Sales for Westwood One then becoming a founding partner of MediaAmerica and CEO of Jones Radio Networks. Developing new markets for major brands like NASCAR/Motor Racing Network, the NFL, NCAA Football and the Rush Limbaugh program, Ron was instrumental in creating uniquely successful sales strategies for many major national brands.

Ron’s creative insights has allowed him to work with a diverse clientele, from The Heritage Foundation to Thom Hartmann, from Stephanie Miller to Michael Steele.