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Barrett Media: Stephanie Miller Still Brings Humor to Serious Topics 20 Years Into Syndicated Show

You could argue Stephanie Miller should be viewed as Republican royalty. The daughter of William E. Miller, the former New York Republican Representative, RNC Chairman, and 1964 running mate of Barry Goldwater, Miller would be a shoo-in conservative. But, that’s not the way her cookie has crumbled.

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A new ad company focused on monetizing content and personalities on over-the-top and podcasting platforms was launched by a trio of veteran sales executives. Crossover Media Group Sales was formed by Scott Calka, Sue Freund and Ron Hartenbaum, and will have offices in New York and Los Angeles. Read more Continue Reading

New York-based Crossover Media Group announces its West Coast expansion with the launch of Crossover Media Group Sales, a new company specifically developed to provide advertising-sales representation across multiple platforms for an array of established and emerging program personalities and formats. The company’s managing members are Scott Calka, a veteran of Comcast Spotlight, DirecTV, Fox… Continue Reading

In the Watergate movie All the President’s Men, informant “Deep Throat” advises investigative reporters to “follow the money.” But as contemporary scandals ensnare the White House, another insider might counsel: “Follow the funny.” “Comedians can say things journalists can’t say now,” says Palestinian American comic Dean Obeidallah. “They cut right to the chase, tell you… Continue Reading